Harris's pocket journal

Publication Date1772
Remainderfor town and country: or, the gentleman's memorandum book, for the year 1772. Containing, The London Sheet Almanack: Fifty-Two double Pages ruled on a superfine Post Paper for Accounts and Memorandums: The Traveller's Pocket Directory, containing all the Principal and Cross Roads, with the new Turnpike Roads, in England and Wales; exhibiting all the Cities, Boroughs, Post and Market Towns, and principal Villages in each County; their Market Days and Distances from London; with compleat Alphabetical Indexes: An Account of the Expence of sending a Letter or Packet by Express from the General Post Office: Tables shewing the Amount of any Commodity from one Farthing to five Shillings: Tables of Interest at five per Cent: A Table for calculating Expences, Income or Wages, per Day, Week, Month and Year: Another for finding the Value, per Kalendar Month, Week and Day, of any Sum, from One Pound, to One Thousand Pounds per Annum: A perpetual Diary, with a Table exhibiting the Dominical Letter for ever; according to New or Old Stile: An extensive Table for reducing Guineas to Pounds, and the contrary: An Account of the Days and Hours for Buying, Selling, Accepting and Transferring, in the several Stocks, and receiving Dividends: A Table useful in the Calculation of Exchanges, and several Branches of Trade: A List of all the Public Offices and Places for transacting of Business: A List of Bankers
Publisherprinted for W. Harris, No. 70, St. Paul's Church Yard


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