A treatise of all the degrees and symptoms of the venereal disease, in both sexes

Publication Date1707
RemainderExplicating naturally and mechanically, its causes, kinds, various ways of infecting; the nature of hereditary infection; certainty of knowing whether infected or not; infallible way to prevent infection; easiness of cure when infected; reasons why so many miss of cure; how to know when, and when not, in skilful hands for cure, and the use and abuse of mercury in the cure. Necessary to be read and observ'd by all persons that either now have, ever had, (many other diseases being occasion'd by the venereal taint and mercury) or at any time may have, the misfortune of that distemper, in order to prevent their being ruin'd by ignorant pretenders, quacks, mountebanks, impostors, &c. whose notorious practices are clearly evinc'd. To which is added, an account of the cause and cure of old venereal and other gleets, introductory to which, the genital parts in both sexes, their use and abuse, are briefly describ'd, and why gleets (as sometimes they do) hinder procreation, causing impotency, &c. in men, and sterility, &c. in wom[e]n. With some remarkable cases of that kind incerted. The whole interspers'd with peculiar prescriptions, many pertinent observations, histories, and letters of very remarkable cures. The like, for general advantage, never publish'd by any author, ancient or modern, since the disease came first to be known in the world. By John Marten, chirurgeon
PublisherPrinted for, and sold by S. Crouch in Cornhil, N. Crouch in the poultry, J. Knapton in St. Paul's Church-yard, W. Hawes in Ludgate-street, P. Varenne at Seneca's Head in the Strand, C. King, Westminster-hall, and J. Isted against St. Dunstan's Church Fleetstreet, Booksellers


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