[A] guide to eternal glory or, Brief directions to all Christians flow to attain everlasting salvation

Publication Date1704
RemainderTo which are added, several other excellent divine tracts, having been discovred in three heavenly conversations between our blessed saviour and 1. A publican. 2. A pharisee. 3. a doubting Christian. II. The three fold state of a Christian, 1. By nature; 2. By Grace. 3. In Glory. III. The scriptures, concord, compiled out of the words of scripture by way of question and answer, wherein there is the sum of the way of salvation, and spirtual things compared to non spiritual IV. The character of a true Christian. V. A brief directory for the great, necessary educational duty of self examination whereby a serious Christian can every day examine himself. VI. A short dialogue between a learned divine and a beggar. VII. Beams of the spirit, or cordial meditations enlivening, enlightening and gladding the soul. VIII. The graphick souls triumph in the love of God. In thou remembrances and pious thoughts. X History improved, or Christian applications and improvements of remarkable passages ... holy teachings in several divine poems upon divers ... scriptures
PublisherNath. Crouch the Poultry near the Cheapside

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