The Gentleman's new memorandum book improv'd: or, The merchant's and tradesman's daily pocket journal for the year 1765

Publication Date1765
Remainder Disposed in a method more useful and convenient for all sorts of business, than any of those who have pretended to imitate it; and as it was the first, so it is now the best book of the kind. Containing, 1. The times of the dividends and transfer days at the bank, India and South-Sea [Houses]. 2. The holydays kept at all the publick offices. 3. An account where all the publick offices are kept. 4. A table explaining at one view, the value of any number of Portugal pieces, Louis d'Ors and, pistoles, in English pounds, shillings and pence. 5. Fifty-two pages for the receipts and expences of every week in the year. 6. Dividings for every day in the year, or ... to enter any future appointments or engagements, or to shew when any notes or payments will become due. To which is added an alphabetical list of the House of Peers, with their town residence, and the titles of the eldest sons of the Dukes, Marquisses, and Earls. And also a list of the counties, boroughs, &c. with the members returned for the present Parliament, and that place of abode. Likewise the nature and rise of the several offices of Privy Seal, Treasury, Exchequer, Chancery, and the other courts of law, office of ordinance, admiralty, trade and plantations, war office, mint, and customs
PublisherPrinted for J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; and sold by Hawes, Clark and Collins, in Pater Noster-Row; T. Caslon, against Stationers-Hall; H. Whitridge at the Royal Exchange; John Rivington in St. Paul's Church-yard; B. Dod, and B. Law in Ave-Mary-Lane; W. Flexney, in Holborn; G. Woodfall, and J. Walter, at Charing-cross

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