England's bloody tribunal: or, An antidote against popery

Publication Date1770
RemainderContaining a complete account of the lives, religious principles, cruel persecutions, sufferings, tortures, and triumphant deaths of the most pious English Protestant martyrs, who have sealed the faith of our holy religion with their blood. From the reign of Henry the Fourth, to the end of the reign of Queen Mary the First: exhibiting a full view of popery, with all its superstitious and horrid practices, and tending to promote the Protestant religion, by displaying the errors of popish idolatry, and confirming the true believer in the faith of Our Blessed Redeemer, who was crucified for our sins, and rose again for our justification, and now sitteth at the right hand of God, making intercession for us. To which is added, a short and plain refutation of the errors of the Romish Church, laid down in such a manner, as to enable even the unlearned Protestant to confute the chief arguments of the most artful popish priests and their emissaries. With an account of the auto da fe, and description of the various cruelties practised in the inquisition. By the Reverend Matthew Taylor, D.D
PublisherPrinted for J. Pridden, at the Featbers, in Fleet Street




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