Pavement-Office, Guildhall, London, 16th April 1789. At a special public meeting of the commissioners of sewers, lamps, pavements, &c. of the city of London and liberties thereof, convened by order of the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, on Wednesday the 15th day of April, 1789. Ordered, that all the inspectors do with proper assistants attend from day to day, previous to and on Thursday the 23d. Instant, and under the direction of the surveyor remove or cause to be removed, all hoards, scaffolidng and other projections, now fixed upon or over the foot or carriage ways of Fleet-street, Ludgate-hill, Ludgate-street, and St. Paul's Church-yard, and the cross-streets, lanes and passages leading into the same, and likewise that they do prevent the fixing any such hoards, scaffolding or other projections, upon or over the said foot or carriage ways.

Publication Date1789
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