The proceedings and correspondence, relating to certain articles of accusation, which were exhibited under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, against the principal and resident surveyor, and the presidents of the Inland Office; founded on a conviction that the mismanagement of the inland department of the General Post-Office, among numerous other ill consequences, exposes its revenues to a waste exceeding one hundred thousand pounds sterling per annum

Publication Date1798
RemainderIncluding, also, a general representation of the partial and defective manner in which the business of the inland department has been conducted by those officers, ever since the abolition of the appointment of comptroller of the inland department, which took place in the year 1795. By Charles Bonnor, heretofore resident surveyor, and deputy comptroller general; and late comptroller of the inland department of the General Post-Office
PublisherPublished for the author, by Richardson, Cornhill; and Debrett, Piccadilly


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