Curious and diverting journies

Publication Date1734
RemainderThro' the whole Island of Great-Britain. Containing, I. A particular description of the principal cities and towns, their Situation, Magnitude, Government, and Commerce. II. The customs, manners, speech, as also the Exercises, Diversions, and employment of the people. III. The produce and improvement of the lands, the Trade, and Manufactures. IV. The sea ports and fortifications, the Course of Rivers, and the Inland Navigation. V. The publick edifices, Seats, and Palaces of the Nobility and Gentry. With useful observations on the whole. Particularly fitted for the Reading of such as desire to Travel over the Island. By A. B. gent
Publisherprinted and sold by G. Parker, at the Star in Salisbury-Court, Fleet-Street





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