Virtues of British Herbs. With the history, description, and figures of the several kinds; an account of the diseases they will cure: the method of giving them; and management of the patients in each disease

Publication Date1770
RemainderContaining the cures of consumptions by coltsfoot tea, hectic fevers by the daisy, colics by leaves of chamomile, and agues by its flowers. A recommendation of the Bidens cernua to supply the place of the Ceylon Acmella, so celebrated in the gravel; but not to be had with us. And a case, with all its cicumstances and symptoms, of the hooping-cough, cured by a tea of the fresh root of elecampane. The whole illustrating that important truth, that the plants of our own country will cure all its diseases. To which are added, cautions against the two Othonnas, destructive of sheep. A work intended to be useful to the sick, and to their friends; to private families; and to the charitable, who would help their neighbours. By John Hill, M.D. member of the Imperial Academy
PublisherPrinted for R. Baldwin, in Pater-noster-Row; J. Ridley, in St. James's Street; J. Nourse, T. Becket, P. Elmsly, J. Campbell, in the Strand; and T. Davies, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden


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