Watts's compleat spelling-book

Publication Date1783
RemainderIn three parts. Part I. Containing Mr. Munday's new improvements for the right accenting of words, in variety of tables, from one to seven syllables, with praxes on words of different syllables: also portions of scripture from the Psalms, proverbs, and New Testament. Part II. Containeth the principles and rules of pronouncing our mother tongue, both in prose and verse, in great variety of examples, containing sure and easy directions for reading. Part III. Lessons for children, out of the historical parts of scripture; with a short history of England from the Norman conquest, to His Present Majesty's accession to the Throne: as also Mr. Clark's directions for writing the round hand, and round text, and the Italian hand; with several other things for the improvement of children, as well as those of riper years. The whole being generally approved of, was complied and designed for the use of schools in Great-Britain and Ireland
PublisherPrinted by Bart. Corcoran


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