Edinburgh's new almanack; or, A prognostication for the year of our Lord 1713, being the first after bissextile of leap year

Publication Date1713
RemainderWherein is contain'd a description of the ecclipses, and moveable feasts, with the exact day, hour and minute of the new moon, her fu'd and quarters; the disposition of the weather, with the fairs in Scotland; as also, a ready table of the moons age every day of this year, with a table of the tydes of Leigh, Abderdeen, Dundee and St. Andrews, and likeways a table of the moons southing, whereby may be found the moons rising and setting, and likeways the hour of the night on a sun dial. Calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, in the north latitude of 56 deg: 00 min: By John Thomson, philomathematicus
PublisherPrinted by John Moncur, and sold at his Printing-House at the foot of the Bull Closs, forgainst the Trone, John Vallange's shop forgainst the entry to the Parliament closs, and most book-sellers in Edinburgh at three pence per peice, with Her Majesty's stamp


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