Modern history: or, The present state of all nations

Publication Date1739
RemainderDescribing their respective situations, persons, habits, buildings, manners, laws and customs, religion and policy, arts and sciences, trades, manufactures and husbandry, plants, animals and minerals. Vol. IV. The third part of the present state of Europe. Containing the present state of Spain and Portugal, with an abstract of the history of these kingdoms down to the year 1730. Also the present state of the British Isles, beginning with that part of Great Britain call'd England, describing the face of the country, the mountains, forests, seas, rivers, fisheries, soil, vegetables, and the several species of animals it produces. 2. The persons and habits of the natives. 3. Their genius and temper, virtues and vices. 4. Their diet, rural sports and other diversions. 5. Their husbandry and gardening: and 6thly and lastly, treats of the several ancient divisions of England, and the modern division of it into circuits and counties, and herein more particulary of the country of Middlesex and city of London, shewing the ancient as well as present state of that metropolis. With an account of the several charitable societies in London; shews how plentifully the town is supply'd with all manner of provisions; and treats of the reception strangers and others meet with; with a variety of other matter necessary towards forming a just notion of the place and people; likewise a description of its various inhabitants, from the nobleman down to the mechanick, their several employments and diversions; treating particulary of plays, and play-houses, masks, gaming, assemblies, mutick-meetings, the ring, the park, &c. As also of the state of the great trading companies. Illustrated with several curious copper-plates of the most remarkable buildings and habits; with maps of the several countries described in this volume, accurately drawn, according to the georgraphical part of this work. By Herman Moll
PublisherPrinted by and for George Grierson, printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, at the King's-Arms and Two Bibles in Essex-Street


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