The humourous and diverting history of Tom Jones, a foundling

Publication Date1794
RemainderContaining pleasant and delightful account of the goodness and hospitality of the benevolen: Mr. Allworthy; the humours of Squire Western, the famous fox-hunter; and the droll and whimsical adventures which besell Honest Partridge, the School-Master, Parish-Clerk, and barber; interspersed with many curious love-particulars between Mr. Jones, and the beautiful Miss Sophia Western, to whom, after a Number of Crosses and dissappointments, he was at length happily married. The whole comprehending such entertaining scenes, both in high and low life, as are not to be met with in any history of the kind
PublisherPrinted by Robert Bassam, No. 53, St. John's-Street, West-Smithfield


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