It is with a heart replete with gratitude

Publication Date1784
Remainderthat Mr. Parkes takes this most early opportunity of making his acknowledgments, for the very extraordinary and unexampled patronage which his plans of this year have met with. The continued concourse in his Office, (during Office Hours, Mornings and Evenings) so remarkably beyond that of any other, is the best proof that he can give (and it is a proof of the greatest notoriety) that the distinguished approbation he mentions has its existence in fact. What he therefore feels on the occasion, he trusts, will be conceived beyond his power to convey; and were he to write 'till doomsday, it cou'd not be more expressive than in three words-thanks! thanks! thanks!---It now remains for him (as the best return in his Power) to persevere in that probity, punctuality and honour, with which his conduct, in the lottery line, has ever been peculiarly marked; and this he pledges himself to that public, to whose most liberal encouragement he is indebted for the little consequence he has aspired to and acquired, never to depart from under any situation or circumstance whatsoever! All demands upon him, of whatever magnitude, shall, therefore, be fulfilled with the most scrupulous exactitude; and he speaks this with that truth which a Man, as prompt to pay as to receive, can possibly speak it. Parkes and Riches! No. 2, Cornhill, Royal-Exchange
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