Catalogus librorum in omni fere? scientia? & facultate pręstantium

Publication Date1725
Remainderex Bibliothecis Caroli Killigrew et Bartholomaei Beale Armig. or a catalogue of the libraries of Charles Killigrew, late Master of the Revels; and of Bartholomew Beale, of Bilderston in the County of Suffolk, Esquires; both lately deceased. Containing several Thousand Volumes of the most Valuable Books in Greek, Latin, English, French, Italian, and Spanish; more particularly near Eight Hundred relating to the History, Laws, Antiquities, and Parliamentary Affairs of Great Britain and Ireland. Also a Large Collection of Greek and Latin Historians of divers Nations; together with a very Curious Collection of Books of Medals, Architecture, Sculpture, Perspective, Painting, Drawings, Antient Inscriptions, Mathematicks, Husbandry, Trade, Voyages, Travels, Poetry, Novels, Physick, &c. Likewise near a Compleat Sett of the Classicks, printed at Paris, in Usum Delphini, & cum Notis Variorum. Which will begin to be sold at very Reasonable Rates (the lowest Price fixed in each Book) on Tuesday the 7th day of December, 1725. by Fletcher Gyles, Bookseller, over against Grey's-Inn, in Holborn; beginning at 9 in the Morning. N.B. The Books may be viewed every Day till the Time of Sale. Catalogues may be had, at 6 d. each, of Mr. King, in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Graves, in St. James's-Street; Mr. Lewis, next Tom's Coffee-House, in Covent-Garden; Mr. Lintot, between the two Temple-Gates, in Fleet-Street; Mr. Innys, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Strahan, against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill; Booksellers: and at the Place of Sale. Where any Person may have Ready Money for a Library or Parcel of Books


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