Institutions of astronomical calculations

Publication Date1765
RemainderContaining, I. A new set of Solar tables for computing the sun's true place, by Mr. Tobias Mayer, who verified every element thereof by his own observations. II. A new set of lunar tables, calculated from the Theory of Universal Gravitation, of an intire new form, and the most commodious for astronomical calculations, and verified by 200 observations; from the second quarto edition at Paris, 1765, by the Late celebrated Mr. Clairaut, fellow of the Royal Academies of Sciences of Paris, London, Petersbourg, Berlin, Bologne, and Upsal. III. A general exposition or rationale of the nature, construction, and use of astronomical tables, and of the precepts of calculation in solar and lunar eclipses, with the doctrine of shadows, and their delineation on the surface of the Earth, considered both as a sphere and a spheroid; a work intirely new, illustrated with three large copper plates. Vol. III. Part I. By Benjamin Martin
PublisherPrinted for and sold by the author in Fleet-street and all booksellers in city and country


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