Jachin and Boaz

Publication Date1763
Remainderor, an authentic key to the door of free-masonry, Both Antient and Modern. Calculated not only for the instruction of every new-made mason; but also for the information of all who intend to become brethren. Containing, I. A circumstantial Account of all the Proceedings in making a Mason, with the several Obligations of an Entered Apprentice, Fellow-Craft, and Master; and also the Sign, Grip, and Pass-Word of each Degree, with the Ceremony of the Mop and Pail. II. The Manner of opening a Lodge, and setting the Craft to Work. III. The Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master's Lectures, verbatim, as delivered in all Lodges; with the Songs at the conclusion of each Part. IV. The Origin of Masonry; Description of Solomon's Temple; History of the Murder of the Grand Master Hiram by the three Fellow-Crafts; the Manner of the assassins being discovered, and their Punishment; the Burial of Hiram by King Solomon's Orde; with the Five Points of Fellowship, &c. V. The Ceremony of the Instalment of the Masters of different Lodges on St. John's Day. VI. A safe and easy Method proposed, by which a Man may obtain Admittance into any Lodge, without passing through the Form required, and thereby save a Guinea or two in his Pocket. Illustrated with An Accurate Plan of the Drawing on the Floor of a Lodge, And Interspersed with Variety of Notes and Remarks, Necessary to explain and render the Whole clear to the meanest Capacity. To which is now added, a new and accurate list of all the English regular lodges in the world, according to their Seniority, with the Dates of each Constitution, and Days of Meeting. By a gentleman belonging to the Jerusalem lodge; a frequent Visitor at the Queen's Arms, St. Paul's Church-Yard; the Horn, in Fleet-Street; Crown and Anchor, Strand; and the Salutation, New-Gate-Street.
Publisherprinted for W. Nicoll, at the Paper-Mill, St. Paul's Church-Yard


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