A short examen of Mr. John Wesley's system, as it appears in his publick proposals concerning the doctrine of original sin; or the doctrine of original sin examined at the living light of the doctrine of truth, in a letter publickly directed to Mr. John Wesley, by John-Baptist, the arch-teacher

Publication Date1757
RemainderThis letter contains important solutions, and explications of the most enigmatical strokes of the Sacred Scriptures especially of the book of the revelations, with reflection upon Mr. John Des-Champs's book intitled, the Christian religion proved by the reasoning, and upon Mr. William Jones's new book intitled the doctrine of a trinity. Likewise upon the fundamental article of Mr. William Romaine's discourses in consequence of which he has been resused the pulpit of the University of Oxford
PublisherPrinted, and sold by J. Marshall, bookseller, in St. Clement's Church Yard, in the Strand; and at all Pamphlet Shops


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