The shepherd's kalendar

Publication Date1790
Remainderor the citizen's and countryman's daily companion: containing a discourse of the eclipses of the sun and moon, with Rules to know when they will happen; Infallible Signs of the Weather, To know when wet or dry, when sudden Storms arise, or hot or cold Weather, by living Creatures; And an Account of the Lucky and Unlucky Days throughout the Year. To which is added, The countryman's almanack, directing when to bleed and diet the Body; And how to order and manage Cattle; A Treatise on Bees, How to order, preserve, and swarm them, and gather their Honey; The Warrener's Instructor, Shewing how to manage Conies or Rabbits; The Falconer's Instructor, How to manage Hawks to fly at their Game; The Measuring Land and Timber; The Art of Bell-Ringing; The true Value and Worth of a Single Penny, or a Caution to keep Money. And many other Things useful and profitable to Mankind. Being about Forty Years Study and Experience of a Learned Shepherd
Publisherprinted and sold by J. Hollis, No. 21, Shoemaker-Row, Black-Friars




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