Truth's victory over error

Publication Date1725
RemainderOr, an abridgement of the chief controversies in religion, which since the apostles days to this time, have been, and are in agitation, between those of the orthodox faith, and all adversaries whatsoever; a list of whose names are set down after the epistle to the reader. Wherein, by going through all the chapters of the confession of faith, one by one, and propoundingout [sic] of them, by way of question, all the controverted assertions; and answering by yes, or no, there is a clear confirmation of the truth; and an evident confutation of what tenets and opinions are maintain'd by the adversaries. A treatise most useful for all persons, who desire to be instructed in the true protestant religion, who would shun in these last days, and perillous times, the infection of errors and heresies, and all dangerous tenets and opinions, contrary to the word of God
PublisherPrinted by William Duncan



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