The use and intent of prophecy, and history of the fall

Publication Date1758
RemainderCleared from the objections in Dr. C. Middleton's examination of the Lord Bishop of London's discourses concerning them. With some cursory animadversions on a letter, &c. to Dr. Waterland in 1731. In which is shewn I. That the use of prophecy, as it was taught and practised by Christ and his apostles, was drawn from the law and prophets, as one continued chain of predictions: that the law began with Adam; that the flaming sword turning every way was the nimbus and chariot of the Cherubim, an exhibition of the powers in this system, with Christ upon a throne above it; and that sacrifice was a standing prophecy, and consequently that his Lordship's chain of prophecies is a golden one, that reached from Eden to Christ. II. That the account of the fall is true history, and not apologue. III. That Dr. Middleton is not acquainted with the state of the evidence for Christianity, and has been speaking evil of those things which he knows not. The second edition. By Julius Bate, A.M
PublisherPrinted for E. Withers, at the Seven Stars, between the Temple Gates, in Fleet-Street


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