The thirty nine articles, and the constitutions and canons, of the Church of England

Publication Date1724
RemainderTogether with several Acts of Parliament and proclamations concerning ecclesiastical matters, that were not in the former editions, some whereof are to be read in Churches. To which are added His Majesty's directions for the preserving of unity in the Church, and the purity of the Christian faith; particularly in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity: and the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury's letter to the bishops of his province, concerning persons to be ordained, or licensed for curates
PublisherPrinted by John Baskett, printer to the King's, Most Excellent Majesty: and sold by R. Gosting at Temple-bar, R. Knaplock and T. Wyat in St. Paul's Church-yard, A. Bettesworth, J. Batley in Pater-noster row, J. Osborne, Lombard-street, B. Whitledge in Avemary-lane, and J. Clark in Duck-lane

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