The neat duties, (all discounts and abatements deducted,) of all merchandize, specified in the book of rates

Publication Date1718
RemainderBegun in the 12. of car. II. with the several variations to this present year, 1718. In vulgar arithmetick. Each article being calculated to an hundred part of a penny; being design'd for merchants, &c. that at a view in one line may be seen the neat duties and draw-backs on any merchandize mention'd in the book of rates, with their several valuations. And also, the Turky or Levant Company's duties, viz. impositions, consulage, how many hundred weight goes to a ton of each commodity, and the freight they usually have for the same tonnage, from Constantinople, Smyrna, Aleppo, and Cyprus: a list of all goods prohibited to be imported and exported: with a scheme for the draw-back on fifth and flesh exported, and for the bounty on corn; also, a premium for naval stores. The fourth edition, with additions. By Thomas Langham, of London, broker
PublisherPrinted for J. Brotherton, and W. Meadows, at the Black Bull, over-against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill


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