Modern history: or, The present state of all nations

Publication Date1727
RemainderDescribing their respective situations, persons, habits, buildings, manners, laws and customs, religion and policy, arts and sciences, trades, manufactures and husbandry, plants, animals and minerals. Vol. I. Containing the present state of Asia. Wherein are described, the empire of China; the kingdoms of Japan, Tonquin, Cochin China and Siam; the Ladrone and Philippine Islands; the island of Celebes or Macassar; of Banda, Amboyna, and the Molucca's, or Spice-Islands; of Borneo, Java, and Sumatra, with the Nicobar and Andoman Islands; the empire of the Great Mogul, of proper India; the kingdoms of Pegu, Ava, Arracan, Brama, Tipra, Acham, and Boutan; the island of Ceylone, famous for the true cinamon; the Persian Empire; Arabia; Asiatick Tartary, and lastly, the Turkish Empire in Asia, viz Chald?a, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Armenia Major, Syria, Palestine, or the Holy-Land, and Asia Minor. Illustrated which thirty four curios copper-plates of the most remakable buildings, habits, idols and animals; with ten maps of the several countries described in this volume, accurately drawn, according to the geographical part of this work, By Herman Moll
PublisherPrinted by and for George Grierson, at the Two Bibles in Essex Street




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