Magazin des Estamps, 1778

Publication Date1778
RemainderA catalogue of a very large and capital collection of prints, drawings, and books of prints, comprehending the works of the most celebrated masters, both ancient and modern, viz. Albert Durer Parmegiano Rubens Rembrandt Sal. Rosa Hollar Woollet Mic. Angelo Marc Antonio Van Dyck Visscher Claud Lorrain Brughel Bartolozzi Raphael Julio Romano Poussin Carrache Guido Hogarth, &c. &c. &c. Likewise a curious and valuable collection of scarce and fine English portraits, by Faithorne, Pass, Vertue Hollar White Houbracken Loggan Payne &c. &c. &c. Also fine Metzotinto portraits, by Gascar Becket Macardel Loggan Smith Watson Faithorne Faber &c. &c. &c. The whole (of this fine collection) now selling, at the Magazin des Estamps, in Cockspur-Street, facing the Haymarket; where may be had catalogues at 2s. 6d. each; as also at Mr. Pinchbeck's Repository

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