A letter to a Methodist preacher

Publication Date1800
Remainderon his entrance into the work of the ministry; containing advices on the following subjects: 1. The Spirit in which he should perform his Work. 2. Choice of Texts. 3. Behaviour in the Pulpit. 4. Behaviour in his Circuit. 5. Behaviour in the House where he lodges. 6. The Cultivation of his Mind. 7. Marriage,-And the Management of Children. 8. The Preservation of his Health. With a postscript, in which the general character of the preachers, and the Nature and Importance of the work in which they are engaged, are briefly considered. With an appendix, containing a few directions to the people, how they may profit most by hearing the word of God preached. By Ada Clarke
Publisherprinted for J. Butterworth, Fleet-Street, and W. Baynes, Pater Noster-Row; and by R. Edwards, Broad-Street, Bristol


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