Life's vagaries

Publication Date1795
RemainderA comedy, in five acts, as performed with universal applause at the Theatre-Royal Convent-Garden. By John O'Keeffe, Esq. Author of Tony Lumpkin in town, The son-in-law, The dead alive, Agreeable surprize, Castle of Andalusia, Fontainbleau, or Our way in france, The positive man, The poor soldier, Love in camp, or Patrick in Prussia, The farmer, The young quaker, Beggar on horseback, Peeping Tom, The prisoner at large, The toy, or Hampton court frolics, Wild oats, or The storlling gentlemen, Little hunchback, The siege of Curzola, Modern antiques, or The merry mourners, The highland reel, Birth-day, or Prince of Arragon, Sprigs of laurel, London hermit, Irish mimic, or Blunders at Brightom, World in a village, &c
PublisherPrinted for J. Barker, dramatic repository, Russell-Court, Drury-Lane


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