The law's disposal of a person's estate who dies without will or testament

Publication Date1790
RemainderShewing in a clear, plain, easy, and familiar manner, how a man's family or relations will be entitled to his real and personal estate, by the laws of England, and customs of the city of London and province of York. To which is added the disposal of a person's estate, by will and testament; containing an explanation of the Mortmain-Act, with instructions and necessary forms for every person to make, alter, and republish his own will: likewise directions for executors how to act after the testator's death, with respect to proving his will, taking upon them the executorship, getting in the effects, and paying debts and legacies. By Peter Lovelass, of the Inner Temple, gent. Author of the explanation of the law concerning bills of exchange, &c
PublisherPrinted for the author; and sold by T. Whieldon, Fleet-Street; J. Bew, Paternoster-Row; R. Pheney, successor to P. Uriel, Inner Temple-Lane; and R. Spence, Outgate, York


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