The banker's sure guide

Publication Date1798
Remainderor, monied man's assistant. In three parts, Viz. I. Tables of Interest for any Sum, at the current Prices of 2, 21/2, 3, 31/2, 4, 41/2, and 5 per Cent. from 1 to 90 and 300 Days; and from 1 Month to a Year, at 2, 21/2, 3, 31/2, 4, 4 and 1-6th (or 10d. in the Pound), 41/4, 41/2, 43/4, and 5 per Cent. II. Sundry Tables shewing the Value of Annuities certain, and Annuities on Lives, founded on the most rational Probabilities; how to find the Value of two or more Lives, joint Lives, Reversions, Presentations, &c. III. A large and accurate Table of Commission or Brokerage, from 1/8 to 3 per Cent. rising progressively only 1/8 per Cent. at a Time. Also of 4, 5, 6, and of 9 to 20 per Cent.; which together may be readily applied to Exchanges to Ireland. To which is prefixed, by way of introduction, a new and comprehensive treatise on decimals, and a concise Method of equating the Stocks to one another. The seventh edition, enlarged and corrected. By S. Thomas, Author of the British Negociator, or Foreign Exchanges made easy
Publisherprinted for G. G. and J. Robinson, in Paternoster-Row; and S. Hodgson, in Newcastle



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