At R. Montagu's book-warehouse

Publication Date1735
RemainderThe General-Post-Officer, That End of Great Queen-Street, next Drury-Lane, is a Choice Collection of Books, being several libraries Lately Purchased: Consisting of History, Divinity, Antiquities, Mathematicks, Law, Astrology, Atlas's, Sculpture, Heraldry, Poetry, Plays, Novels, Manuscripts, &c. &c. in most Languages, chiefly bound in a beautiful manner, gilt, marbled Leaves and Covers. Which will begin to be sold very Cheap, for Ready-Money, On Monday the 28st of April, 1735, The Price being mark'd on the first Leaf of each Book. N. B. Such Gentlemen who have Books to Bind, Gild, or Letter, may depend on having them done in the best Manner; likewise Libraries vnethodiz'd, gilt and letter'd at their own Houses, whether in Town or Country, on very reasonable Terms. There likewise may be had the best of Ink. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, where may be had, at 1s. each, Catalogues, with the Prices fixed to each; likewise Ready Money for any Library or Parcel of Books. It a very good Horse or Chaise be wanted, it may be hired at a very reasonable Rate at the above-mentioned Place


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