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Publication Date1750
RemainderIn two volumes Octavo, A new version of the Paradise lost. In which The Spirit and Stile of the Author, are effectually preserved and successfully imitated; The Beauties of the Original, where stiff or obscure, rendered easy, more intelligible and striking, to the Understanding of the Reader; The weaker Parts of the Poem better supported The Heathen Fables and Improprieties excepted to by Addison, Bentley, Newton, and other Writers, removed or amended; And, The Verses that run one into another, and have too much Continuance, better adapted to the less learned Reader, by endeavouring to end the Sense with the Distich: By which that amazing Work is brought something nearer the Summit of Perfection. With Annotations on the Original Text, (far different from those of any other Writer) To shew the Reasonableness of this new version. By G. S. Green. Price to subscribers Eight Shillings in Sheets; Four Shillings of which is to be paid at the Time of Subscribing, and Four Shillings more on the Delivery of the Books. Subscriptions are taken in by J. Scott, at the Black Swan in Pater-Noster-Row, London; W. Jackson, Printer; and by the Author opposite All-Souls College, in Oxford; R. Bond, Bookseller in Glocester; and most other Booksellers in England and Wales.


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