Emblems for the improvement and entertainment of youth

Publication Date1769
RemainderContaining emblematical, hieroglyphical, and n?igmatical devices, relating to all parts and stations of life; intending to promote morality, virtue and religion, and suppress immorality, vice and prophaneness; by giving useful lessons and admonitions to all ages, degrees and capacities, suitable to most exigencies in common life. Illustrated with proper and necessary explanations and observations from natural hsitory, and the manners, customs and opinions of the ancients. Curiously engraved on sixty-two copper-plates. Containing near one thousand different articles; with a copious index, and alphabetical table of contents; contrived not only for a study and improvement, by also as a play or diversion for youth
PublisherPrinted for William Davenhill, (No 8) in Cornhill

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