Three letters in farther vindication of the Late Bishop Lloyd's hypothesis of Daniel's prophecy of the seventy weeks

Publication Date1728
RemainderOne to the Reverend Mr. Lancaster, vicar of Bowdon in Chesire: in answer to his Remarks on the said hypothesis. Another to Mr. Whiston, occasion'd by his latter hypothesis of the said weeks. The third to the author of the Scheme of literal prophecy consider'd: wherein are examined and refuted the said author's pretences for referring this prophecy of the weeks to the person and times of antiochus epiphames: and it is proved, that the said prophecy, in its literal sense, is applicable wholly, and only to the Messias of the Christians, and the times of their messias. By Benjamin Marshall, M.A. rector of naunton in Gloucestershire, and sometime student of Christ-Church in Oxford
PublisherPrinted for James and John Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard



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