The history of the ancient Germans

Publication Date1738
Remainderincluding that of the Cimbri, Suevi, Alemanni, Franks, Saxons, Goths, Vandals, and other ancient northern nations, who overthrew the Roman Empire, and establish'd that of Germany, and most of the kingdoms of Europe. Written originally in high German; and illustrated with notes and quotations, from ancient authors, accounts of monuments, inscriptions, medals, coins, and other antiquities, by Doctor John Jacob Mascou, Aulick Counsellor to the King of Poland, Assessor of the Court of Justice, and Senator of the city of Leipzick, in Saxony. Now translated into English, by Thomas Lediard, Esq; late Secretary to His Majesty's envoy extraordinary in lower Germany
LocationLondon and Westminster
Publisherprinted and sold by James Mechell, at the Kings Arms, in Fleet-Street; and to be had at the Translater's House, in Smith's-Square, Westminster; of Innys and near St. Paul's; Wilcox and Payne, in the Strand; Bettesworth and Hitch, in Pater-noster-Row; Curl, in Covent-Garden; Millan, at Whitehall; Willock, in Cornhill; and Brett, in Westminster-Hall




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