Third night

Publication Date1794
RemainderTheatre Royal, Drury-Lane, This present Wednesday, March 19. 1794; Will be Performed, (the only Time this Season) The Messiah, a sacred oratorio Composed by G. F. Handel. Part I. Overture. Recit. Mr. Harrison. Comfort ye my people. Air. Every Valley. Chorus And the glory Recit. Mr. Meredith. Thus saith the Lord. Air. But who may abide. Chorus And he shall purify. Recit Mr. Kelly. Behold! a Virgin. Air. O thou that tellest. Recit. Mr. Meredith. For, behold! Air. The people that. Chorus For unto us. Recit. Signora Storace. There were Shepherds. Chorus Glory to God. Air. Master Welsh. Rejoice greatly. Recit. Mrs. Bland. Then shall the Eyes. Air. He shall feed flock. Air. Signora Storace. Come unto him. Chorus His yoke is easy. Part II. Chorus Behold the Lamb. Air Mrs. Crouch. He was despised. Chorus Surely he hath borne. Recit. Mr. Kelly All they that see him. Chorus He trusted in God. Recit. Mr. Harrison. Thy rebuke hath. Air. Behold! and see. Recit. Miss Leake. He was cut off. Air. But thou didst not. Chorus Lift up your heads Recit. Mr. Kelly. Unto which of the. Chorus. Let all the Angels. Air. Mrs. Bland. Thou art gone up. Chorus The Lord gave. Air. Master Welsh. How beautiful. Chorus Their sound is gone. Air. Mr. Meredith. Why do the nations. Chorus. Let us break. Recit. Mr. Dignum. He that dwelleth. Air. Thou shalt break them. Chorus Hallelujah. Part III. Air. Master Welsh. I know that my Redeemer liveth. Semi Chorus. Principal Singers. Since by Man. Chorus - - By Man came also the Resurection of the Dead. Semi Chorus. - For as in Adam all die. Chorus. - - Even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Recitative. Mr. Meredith. Behold! I tell. Air. Accompanied on the Trumpet by Mr. Hyde. The trumpet shall found. Recitative. Then shall be brought to pass. Duetto. Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Crouch. O Death where is thy Sting. Chorus - But thanks be to God. Air. Miss Leake. - If God be for us. Chorus - Worthy is the Lamb. Directors, Mr. Linley, and Mr. Storace. The Principal vocal performers Mr. Harrison, Mr. Meredith, Master Welsh, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Dignum. Signora Storace, Miss Leake, Mrs. Bland, Mrs. Crouch. End of Part I. a Concerto on the Flute by Mr. A S H. End of Part II. a Concerto on the Violin by Mr. Giornovich. Amongst the Principal Instrumental Performers are Messrs. Ashe, W. Parke, Parkinson, Mason, Hyde, Flacks, Ashbridge, Ely, &c. Leader of the Band Mr. Shaw. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gall. 2s. Upper Gall. 1s. No Money to be returned. Books of the performance to be had at the Theatre
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