Sadler's Wells

Publication Date1788
RemainderThis and the following Evenings, Extraordinary Exhibitions of posture work, and exertions of strength by The infant Hercules. In the Course of the Performances, will be exhibited a superb exhibition, called Les quatres fils Aimond; Or, The Four Valiant Brothers. In the above Performance will be exhibited a Display of The Broad Sword and Battle Axe, By Monsieur Durenci and Monsieur Boi-Maison, Two musical pieces, One entitled The Clown Turn'd Beau. And an entire new One, called The Sailor's Contrivance. Singers, Mr. Dighton, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Herryman, Master Abrahams, and Mr. Meadows, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Leffler. A new spectacle, of singing and dancing, called The Wool Trade; Or, The Staplers' Jubilee. In which will be introduced An Emblematical Procession Of the different Manufacturers, in Honor of Bishop Blaze. Consisting of Wool Staplers, Shearers, Combers, Carders, Scribblers, Spinners, Weavers, Dyers, and Dressers. The scenery, dresses, and decorations to the above, entirely New. Tight-Rope dancing, By The little devil, Master Richer, Madame La Romaine, And La Belle Espagnole. In which is introduced a whimsical Pas de Deux on the Rope, accompanied by a duerto, with eth Castanets and Drum, by The little devil and La Belle Espagnole. The whole to conclude with an entire new Entertainment, called. The Witch of the Lakes; Or, Harlequin in the Hebrides. The Scenes designed by Mr. Greenwood. The Music composed and compiled by Mr. Taylor. Boxes, Three Shillings and Six Pence; Pit, Two Shillings; Gallery, One Shilling. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Wells from Ten till Two. The Doors to be opened at half past five O'Clock, begin at half past six precisely. Vivant Rex & Regina!
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