Ars scribendi sine penna

Publication Date1783
Remainderor, the art of taking down sermons, trials, speeches, &c. verbatim, without pen and ink, and upon one page. A Work of the highest Importance to Members of Parliament, Ministers of State, Gentlemen of the Law, Physic, and Divinity, &c. &c. being calculated for every Profession in Life; is allowed and approved to be the most rational, easy, and speedy Method of taking down ever exhibited to public View. In this Work, previous Care has been taken, that every needful Explication may run through the Whole; and such occasional Recollections are added, as throw Light upon each Lesson, and effectually relieve the Memory. In a word, the Whole is founded on such a Plan, as neither the Wit of Man, nor any Period of Time, can, in any essential Part, alter. A careful Perusal of which gains the Approbation of, and strikes with Admiration, the Judicious and the Intelligent, the whole Art resting upon only thirteen arbitrary Characters
Publisherprinted for the author, by J. Nichols, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-Street; and sold by J. Bew, No 28. Pater-Noster-Row


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