The musical law-bird

Publication Date1790
RemainderOn the following subject[s] 1. The Poet-Laureat's Address to the House of Lords. 2. The Declaration of a bright Luminary of the Law. 3. The Royal Stag-Hunt on Windsor-Forest. 4. A Squeeze in Guildhall: 5. Cut and come again; or, The generous City Landlord. 6. The Easter Hunt on Epping-Forest. 7. The Rival Charms of Vauxhall. N. B. - Sung last season with great applause in select Companies. By Harry Helicon, Esq. Poet-Laureat to the House of Lords, near Lombard-Street
Publisherprinted for the authour [sic]: and sold by John Abraham, St. Swithin's-Lane, Lombard-Street; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country. M,DCC,XC. (entered at Stationer's-Hall.)


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