Mr. St. George

Publication Date1795
Remaindera true story. Giving an Account of this eminent Merchant's Quarrel with a celebrated House in France, for devising a new System of Book-Keeping-His Endeavours to suppress it in every Part of Europe-His prosecuting his junior Clerks for favouring the Innovation-His Liberality in paying the Reckoning for Foreign Merchants, the bad Return he has met with for his Services-His Connections with a House at Turin-His regulating the Balance of Trade-His Endeavours to prevent a late Bankruptcy in Flanders-The Decline of his Interest in the Bank of Amsterdam-His being humbugged by a Prussian Swindler-His Purchase of Rhenish Wine-The Dissentions in his own Family-His immense Debts-Approaching Bankruptcy-And incurable Obstinacy in still opposing French Book-Keeping. By John Bull
PublisherPrinted for citizen Lee at the British Tree of Liberty, No.47, Haymarket



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