The lady's magazine

Publication Date1739
Remainderor, The compleat library. For Saturday, February 3, 1739. (Being much more in quantity, and far greater variety than any book of the kind or price) containing, among many other curious particulars, I. Continuation of the lady's travels into Spain. II. Continuation of the Chevalier D'Arvieux's travels into Arabia the desart. III. Letters from Tom Brown, Howel, the Tatler, &c. IV. Curious questions and answers from the Athenian Oracle. V. Psalm lxxiii. 25, 26. paraphras'd. VI. To Silvia. VIII. The kiss repay'd. A tale. VIII. On two lovers. IX. An epigram. X. The resolution. XI. The disappointment. XII. A dialogue between a teasing husband and his vexatious tipling wife. XIII. The happy bride. Book I. XIV. Fye, Damon, fye, &c. XV. An ape, a lion, &c. XVI. By the side of a great kitchen fire, &c. XVII. As Celia in her garden, &c. XVIII. Tho' envious old age, &c. XIX. I'll range around the shady bowers, &c. XX. Farewell, thou false philander, &c. Number XVIII. To be continued weekly. Price two pence
Publisherprinted by T. Dormer, in Black and White Court in the Old Bailey, and sold at the pamphlet-shops in town and country, and by all the hawkers that carry news

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