Illustrissimi & excellentissimi Ludovici Henrici

Publication Date1724
RemainderComitis Castri-Briennij, Ludovico XIV. a Secretis, & ad Romam Legati, Bibliothecae, Ad ejusdem Filium Constantiae in Normannia Episcopum pertinentis, catalogus. A catalogue of the Library of his Excellency Louis Henry de Lomente, Count de Brienne, Secretary of State of Louis XIV. and Ambassador at Rome, belonging to his Son the late Bishop of Coutance in Normandy. Consisting of a Large Series of Books relating to the History, Antiquities, and Constitution of Great Britain and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Muscovy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Asia, Africa; and America. The particular Histories and Antiquities of their Principalities and Towns, with several Thousand Private State-Pieces. The first Edition of the Bible printed on Vellum 1462. The Journal of the House of Lords from their Beginning to the Year 1665 in eighty Volumes in Folio. The Byzantine writers, thirty-one Volumes in Folio, in Morocco. All Du Chesne's Works in twenty-seven Volumes in Morocco. Theodore de Brie's Voyages compleat. Thuanos, large Paper, 5 vol. All the Greek and Latin Classick Authors, and most of them on large Paper. An entire Set of the Old Elzevir Classicks in Morocco, and many in Usum Delphini, of the Paris Editions. Book, of Sculpture, Architecture, Medals, Painting, Law Civil and Canon, all the Benedictine and best Editions of the Fathers and Councils, Divinity, &c. Great Numbers on large Paper, and many printed on Vellum, with several hundred Volumes in Folio, bound in Morocco by the Famous Abbe du Sueil. Which will begin to be Sold very Cheap (the Price marked in each Book) at James Woodman's and David Lyon's Shop in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden, on Tuesday the 28th of April, 1724.

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