A faithful narrative of the most wicked and inhuman transactions

Publication Date1756
Remainderof that bloody-minded gang of thief-takers, alias thief-makers, Macdaniel, Berry, Salmon, Eagan, alias Gahagan; (with a curious print of Macdaniel) As also of that notorious Accomplice of theirs, Mary Jones, and Others. Shewing the diabolical arts by them practised, to get innocent Persons convicted for Robberies, and to share amongst themselves the Rewards paid for such Convictions. By what Stroke of Providence it was that the Compiler of this Narrative became acquainted with this Mystery of Iniquity. The unwearied Diligence by him made use of to get to the Bottom of it: The Manner of his Counter-Acting those worst of Villains. First, In his taking their Agent Blee, and keeping him so secret as to baffle all their Enquiries about him. Secondly, In his Watchfulness over the other Four at Maidstone, and suffering them to carry on their Prosecution of the two Lads, Ellis and Kelley, even to the convicting of them Capitally, and his then seizing and securing the Prosecutors and their Accomplice Berry. Thirdly, His prosecuting these Monsters in so clear and perspicuous a Manner, that the Court found them Guilty of every thing laid to their Charge: But the Case being singular, they were pleased to close with a Special Verdict, i.e. to refer Sentence to the Lords, the Judges. Also The Informations the Author of this Narrative received relative to the Affair of Kidden, who was falsly accused, convicted, and executed, Feb. 4, 1756. His searching this, at that Time clouded Villany, to its very Source. The Means made use of to bring the principal Actress in this most horrid Scene, Mary Jones, to Justice. Her Commitment, &c. for the wilful Murder of Joshua Kidden. The whole being interspersed with divers other Accounts of a similar Nature, and which cannot but astonish every one who considers them. By Joseph Cox, High Constable of the Hundred of Black-Heath, in the County of Kent.
Publisherprinted for Joseph Cox, and sold by M. Mechell, at the King's-Arms in Fleet-Street; also to be had of all the Booksellers and Pamphlet-Shops in Town and Country; and likewise by all the Newsmen


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