An essay to restore the dipping of infants in their baptism

Publication Date1722
Remainderwith a dialogue betwixt a curate and his parishioner, concerning the manner of immersion. This tract contains Three Chapters, I. The Reasons for Restoring Dipping are Proposed, and the Causes of Introducing sprinkling are discovered; and some Instances of late Dipping of infants are related. II. An Answer is given to the Socinian Arguments against Baptism; and to Dr. Lightfoot's Defence of Sprinkling. III. It is proved, That all Antient Baptisms of the Gentiles, the Jews, and Primitive Christians, were performed by immersion; and Aquinas's Exceptions against immersion, are Answered. To which is Added by way of Appendix, Dr. Williams's letter concerning the great cure he lately performed by Cold Bathing. And a Letter against the Inoculation in the Small Pox. By Sir John Floyer, of Litchfield.
Publisherprinted for James Holland, at the Bible and Ball in St. Paul's Church-Yard


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