A complete history of James Maclean

Publication Date1750
Remainderthe gentleman highwayman, who was executed at Tyburn, on Wednesday, October 3, 1750, for a robbery on the highway. Containing The Particulars of his Life, from his Birth to his Death. In which is included, An Account of the Robberies he committed with his Companion Plunket. And a Series of Letters, that pass'd between him and Plunket; as well during the Time he was in Holland, as in England; in which are open'd some extraordinary Scenes. Also, The Particulars of their Fortune-Hunting Schemes; in which Maclean generally pass'd for a Gentleman of Worth, and Plunket personated his Footman. Likewise a Number of Original Letters sent to Maclean by different Ladies, some of which contain Narratives of Facts so exceeding tender, as must raise Pity and Compassion in the Breast of every Reader. The whole adorn'd with a very neat picture of Maclean, taken from the Life, while under Sentence. Drawn and engrav'd by Mr. Boitard.
Publisherprinted for Charles Corbett, at Addison's-Head, against St. Dunstan's-Church, Fleet-Street

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