A catalogue of the entire library of the Rev. Ellis Jones

Publication Date1786
RemainderThe Rev. Ellis Jones, Late of Christ-Church, Oxford, and vicar of Staverton, Northamptonshire. And of several other valuable Collections of Books; The whole forming a curious Assortment in every Branch of Literature, and containing many Articles in Superb Bindings. Caesar, a Clarke, Ch. Max. 2 vol. cor. Turc. Pindar, Oxon. charta maxima. Homer, Glasg. 4 vol. chart. max. cor. Russ. Xenophon, Paris. charta max. corio Turc. Xenophon, Hutchinsoni, 2 vol. charta mag. Diogenes Laertius, Meibomii, 2 vol. ch. max. Aeschylus, Stanleii, corio Russico. Plato, Serrani, 3 vol. ap. H. Steph. Plutarchus, Rualdi, Gr. & Lat. 4 vol. Ptolemaeus, Serveti, liber rariss. cor. Russ. Salustio, por el Insante Don Gabriel. A Set of Elzevir Classics, 52 vol. in Morocco. H. Steph. Thesaurus Gr. 5 vol. ch. max. cor. T. Plautus, Lambini, charta max. corio Turc. Virgilius, Servii, charta max. corio Turc. Suldae Lexicon, Kusteri, 3 vol. charta max. Diccion. Espan. de la Acad. Reale, 6 vol. Russ. Encyclopedie & Supplement, 35 tom. Par. Corpus Historiarum & Antiquitatum, 78 vol. Corpus Historicorum Byzantinorum, 29 vol. Rymeri Foedera, 20 vol. edit. opt. cor. Turc. Thuani Historia Buckleli, 7 vol. charta mag. Bouteroue, Monnoyes de la France. Chroniques de Froissart, a tom. lettres Goth. Voyages de M. Le Burn. 3 tom. grand papier. Harris's Collect. of Voyages, 2 vol. bested. Russ. Edmondson's Baronag. 5 vol. large pap. Mor. Dugdale, Monasticon Anglican. 3 vol. cor Russ. Dugdale's Monasticon, & Stevens's Con. 3 vol. Holingshed's Chronicles, 3 vol. with Illumin. Hortus Elthamensis, Dillenii, 2 vol. fig. depict. Hortus Eystettensis, 3 vol. fig. despictis. Jacquin, Hort. Vind. & Flora Aust. 9 vol. fig. d. Flora Danica, 15 Fascic. 5 vol. fig. depict. Buchoz, Histoire Naturelle, 9 tom. fig. enlum. Sepp's Birds and Insects, beautifully coloured. Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. finely coloured. Knorr's Natural History, 12 vol. finely col. Martyn's Shells, most elegantly coloured. Baron Born's Shells, finely coloured. K. of Denmark's Book of Shells, finely col. Petiver's Works of Nat. History, 2 vol. Mor. Linnaei Museum Adolphi Frederici Regis. D'argenville, Conchyliologie, 3 tom. nouv. ed. Pennant's Works in N. Hist. &c. 14 vol. gr. Mor. Annibal, Aug. & Lud. Caraccis, Works, 3 vol. Crozat's Collection of Prints, 2 vol. first imp. Habits du Levant, avec figures enluminees. Fables & Contes de M. La Fontaine, les belles ed. Montfaucon, Antiq. & Supp. 15 tom. la meill. ed. Museum Florentinum, 10 vol. impressio eleg. Baleu's Atlas. 11 vol. fine copy, gilt leaves. Andersoni Diplomata & Numismata Scotiae. Blomsield and Parkyns's Norfolk, 5 vol. Russ. Sir Henry Chauncy's Hertfordshire. Carew on the Rights of Elections. Caxton's Siege and Conquest of Jerusalem. Capt. Cook's last Voyage, 3 vol. first impress. Walpole's Painters, &c. 5 vol. Str. Hill, gr. M. Parliametary History and Debates, 100 vol. The Sale will begin on Wednesday, February 1, 1786. By Benjamin White and son, Booksellers at Horace's Head, in Fleet-Street, London. N. B. The lowest Prices are marked in the Catalogue, and in the first Leaf of every Book. Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale; also of Mr. Dodsley, Pall-Mall; Mr. Faulder, in New Bond-Street; Mr. Debrett, Piccadilly; Mr. Sewell, in Cronhill; the Booksellers of Oxford, Cambridge, and the principal Towns of England

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