A clear, full, and faithful portraiture, or Description, and ardent recommendation of a certain most beautiful and spotless virgin princess, of imperial descent!

Publication Date1792
RemainderTo a certain youthful heir apparent, in the possession of whom alone, his Royal Highness can be truly, permanently, and supremely happy. Most humbly and dutifully dedicated to His Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, &c. And earnestly recommended to the attention of the members of both Houses of Parliament. With a postscript to the people at large. By James Graham, M.D
PublisherPrinted by R. Cruttwell; and sold in London, by Mr. Hookham, in New-Bond-street; Mr. Richardson, Royal Exchange; Mr. John Guthrie, Nicholson-street, Edingburgh; by the Bath booksellers, and by Dr. Graham


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