Royal gratitude

Publication Date1716
Remainder(or King George's Promise never to forget his Obligations to those who have Distinguish'd themselves in his Service) critically consider'd. In a letter To the Right Honourable Robert Walpole, Esq; The First Lord of the Treasury, casion'd by a general Report that Mr. John Dunton, (author of Neck or Nothing) will speedily be Rewarded with a considerable Place or Pension. Written by that Person of Honour that sent Mr. Dunton those Early Discoveries of Oxford's and Bolingbroke's Treason, which no Man durst publish but himself, and which he therefore call'd Neck or Nothing. To which is added, The High-Church Gudgeons: or, A Day's Ramble to catch the foolish Jacks with their own Treason, with Mr. Dunton's Speech to the Lord-Mayor of London upon this Occasion. Also, A Trip to the Loyal Mug-House at Night, to Drink a Health to King George and the Royal Family.
Publisherprinted by R. Tookey, and are to be sold by S. Popping in Pater Noster Row, and most Booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland



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