A lecture on the generation

Publication Date1783
Remainderincrease, and improvement of the human species! Interspersed with precepts for the preservation and exaltation of personal beauty and loveliness; and For prolonging Human Life, Healthily and Happily, To the very longest possible Period of Human Existence! This curious, most eccentric, most important, and most cordially concentric Lecture, is begun with enumerating the safest and most efficacious Ways and Means of producing A Numerous, a Healthy, a Beautiful, and a Virtuous Offspring; And is closed with a glowing, brilliant, and supremely delightful Description of the Structure, and most irresistibly Genial Influences of the Celebrated Celestial Bed!!! The whole illustrated and embellished with A just and spirited Review of the Candour of News-Paper doers; of the present Professors and Administrations of Politics, Law, Physic, and Divinity; and with a Naked Exhibition of Asses, stripped of their Ermine, namely, of country just-asses, Mares, Alderwomen, and Whippers-In! By James Graham, M.D. President of the Council of Health!-Sole Proprietor, and principal Director of the Temple of Health! in Pall-Mall, near the King's-Palace
Publisherprinted, and sold at the Temple of Health; at the pamphlet-shop, under the Front Piazza of the Royal Exchange; and at Mr. Rich's pamphlet-shop, opposite Anderton's Coffee-House, No. 55, Fleet-Street



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