Wilson's Dublin directory, for the year 1798, including the additions and corrections; of the Bank of Ireland

Publication Date1798
RemainderContaining, an alphabetical list of the names, occupations, and places of abode (numbered) of the merchants, and traders of the city of Dublin; distinguishing such as are free of the six and ten per cent. Conformable to the late regulations of the Right Honourable and Honourable the commissioners of His Majesty's revenue of Ireland. To which are added, The governors and directors of the Bank of Ireland. Illustrious order of St. Patrick. Baronets of Ireland and Nova Scotia. Judges, barristers, and attornies. Physicians and surgeons. Dean and chapter of Christ-Church. Dean and chapter of St. Patrick's. Trustees of the Royal Exchange. Ministers, curates, and Church-Wardens of the several parishes. Aldermen and sheriffs. Sheriffs peers and Common-Council. Masters, wardens, and clerks of the twenty-five guilds. Grand and Royal Canal Companies. Insurance companies against fire. Histor. Annals of the city of Dublin. To these are prefixed, an alphabetical list of all the streets, lanes, alleys, &c. in the city and suburbs of Dublin; with their situation in respect to each other; and references for finding them in the annexed plan
PublisherPrinted by William Wilson, (No. 1) Exchange-Court


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