Annales Regioduni Hullini

Publication Date1735
RemainderOr, The history of the royal and beautiful town of Kingston-upon-Hull, from the original of it, thro' the means of its illustroius founder, King Edward the first: who (Being pleas'd with its beautiful situation whilst hunting with his nobles on the plesant banks of the river) erected the town anno dom. 1296: and from that remarkable r?a, the vicissitudes of it are display'd, till this present year, 1735. In which are included, all the most remarkable tranfactions ecclesiastical, civil, and military. The erection of churches, convents, and monasterires; with the names of their founders, and benefactors: also a succinct relation of the De la Pole's family, from the first mayor of that name, to his successors, who were advanc'd to be Earls and Dukes of suffolk. The monuments, inscriptions, &c. in the churches of Holy Trinity, and St. Mary. The names of the mayors, sheriffs, and chamberlians; with what remarkable accidents have befallen some of them in the course of their lives: intersperse'd with a compendium of British history, especially what alludes to the civil wars, (For the better illustration of such things as most particularly concern'd the town in those troublesome times;) and since then, with regard to the revolution. Adorned with cuts. As likewise vartious curiosities in antiquity, history, travels, &c. also a necessary and compleat index to the whole. Together with several letters, containing, scarborogugh, whitby, &c. for the entertainment of the curious treavlers, who visit the north-west parts of Yorkshire. Faithfully collected by Thomas Gnet, compiler of the history of York, and the most remarkable places of that large county
PublisherSold at the printing office, near the Star in Stone-Gate, York; by Ward and Chandler, booksellers, in Scarborough, and at their shop in Fleet-street, London; by George Ferraby, bookseller, in Hull; at other places in the country; and by J. Wilford, behind the Chapter-House in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London




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